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The Layered Forest is a 2D turn based RPG where you take control of a sorcerer who journeys to the center of a large forest that has mysteriously taken over a large
part of the country. The game takes place in a fantasy world filled with all kinds of unique monsters.

The forest consists of random generated levels which will grow both in size and difficulty
where you will encounter various fantasy monsters. 

When you encounter enemies, you have access to up to four attacks at a time, which you can dynamically switch when out of combat. But beside combat, you also need to keep an eye out for stats like hunger and energy, which deplete when you're fighting and travelling.
You can pick up various items to help you travel to the center of the forest.

Available game modes:

Normal Run:

Travel though multiple level types filled with their own unique enemies and bosses.
Learn about the origins of the Layered Forest and travel to the center.

Endless Run:

This is a gamemode where all types of levels and enemies come together for an extra challenge.
You also have immediately access to all attacks, helping you to overcome combinations of enemies creating a unique challenge for each encounter.

Install instructions

The best way to download the game is directly from the Google Play Store. 

Otherwise you'll have to use an app like "APK Installer" to be able to play the game.


TLF.apk 25 MB

Also available on

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